Fintech Advisors team made the following projects happen:

  • Development of a business plan for a China-based B2B firm entering the North American market.

  • Spearhead project of the introduction of a Singapore-based firm to Canada and the USA.

  • Creation of a 50-state-licensing program for highly profitable Australian and UK B2B entering the USA.

  • Revision of bank account documentation for a Europe-based company with quick turnaround.

  • Introduction of various Money Service Businesses (MSBs) in the US and globally to potential bank partners.

  • Leadership of expansion effort along a mid-size East Coast remittance firm to enter Western USA and Canada markets.

  • Assistance on seller and buyer sides with due diligence teams in various M&A projects.

  • Creation of a license maintenance program for a global payments firm based in the U.K.

  • Led US Market entry effort for different Cryptocurrency firms.

  • Spearhead membership growth of an industry association.

  • Launch of mobile wallet remittance payouts in Zimbabwe.

  • Development and revision of the business plan for a Fortune 500 firm entering the payments space.

  • Support the marketing launch team for American Express Platinum Card.